10 Essential Facts about Horse Betting For Beginners

Betting on horses can be tricky for most beginners. Some things need to be explained before you can go all out on betting. You have to know the terminologies, types of races and the odds. Horseracing has a rich history with fascinating statistics. Here are ten things to get you up to speed about horse betting.

  1. The History of the Jockey Matters

You have to look at the history of the jockey before placing any bets. If you notice one jockey that always finishes first, second or third no matter the horse, they have the unspoken talent. You should also consider the history of a jockey with a particular horse. If every time they are paired with the horse, they finish first or second, that can be a safe bet. There is a chance they will finish in one of the top three spots.

  1. Don’t Always Bet On Your Favourite.

Horse racing is one of the notoriously unpredictable games. Learn to be flexible with your bets. When you bet on the favourite every time, you are limiting your chances of winning. Look for a horse that offers the most value. It’s not all about the horse that is likely to win. Sometimes the winning horse may not be very profitable in terms of betting. Feel free to cheer on your favourite but place your money where it’s supposed to be.

  1. You Need To Know The Signs Of A Confident Horse.

Watch your horse’s pre-race and see how they behave because, according to experts, it tells a lot. An anxious horse is less likely to perform great at the race. First, you have to find out the signs you need to look out for. Once you know, it will be easy to sport a winner in the line-up and easy to place a bet. Of course, you cannot base your decision solely on this fact, but it will help.

  1. Understand the Terminologies

It’s a fact that when you are a newbie, there are terms used in the horse racing sport that you won’t be able to grab. Get familiar with the phrases because they will be essential for your betting success. Race comments can give you a lot of insight into the horses and the jockey. You need all the information you can get to make money from horse betting. It will take you time to grasp all the terminologies, but it’s imperative that you do.

  1. You Do Not Have To Bet On All The Races.

The temptation to bet on all the races for beginners is very high. You always want to make a profit from every single horse program. Try to resist the urge because this is a learning period. Take things more slowly and progress gradually. You will notice there are mistakes you were making with the first bets that can be avoided. Most beginners experience losses on their first bets because they are still learning the new sport. Only bet on the races you are confident in when you are new.

  1. The Track Conditions Matter

This is probably something you never thought would affect a horse race, but it does. It’s mostly overlooked, especially by newbies. Always account for the track conditions when betting on a horse. Look at the track condition in the previous races and how the horses performed. You will understand the different conditions cause variations. The weather and the track condition is a package deal. So you have to think about the weather during the time of the race.

  1. You Need To Know The Trainers.

Horse trainers have a track record for a reason. As much as the best trainers do well when they have a good horse, their efforts also matter. All the pros horse bettors know the trainers, and they keep a record of their work. You will notice there are one or two trainers that consistently deliver outstanding horses. They go all out to prepare the horses for the races in different climates and track conditions. This will give you a rough idea of which horses you need to keep your eyes on.

  1. The Starting Position Matter

All horse bettors know this for a fact. But because you are getting started, it’s worth mentioning. Every horse has its own unique abilities and characteristics. They perform differently when they start from different positions. But you shouldn’t make any assumptions about the starting position. Try and trace the history of the horse with regards to starting positions.

  1. There Are Different Types Of Bets.

You will have to choose between exotic and straight wagers. But as a beginner, you should stick to straight bets because they are less complicated and cheap. You can afford to make minor mistakes and escape with small losses. As you become a pro, you can start exploring exotic bets. You can bet on multiple horses and multiple races with exotic wagers.

  1. You Need To Understand The Odds.

Just like in any other sport, betting on horses also need to understand the odds. There are plenty of books, websites and people ready to offer information on horse betting odds. Take advantage of every accurate information and use them to place winning bets. Understanding the odds will set you apart from other beginners.


These ten facts are essential when you finally take an interest in horse racing. They will help you become the bettor you want to be in future. Your journey will be so easy if you can use these vital tips.