Betting on Horse Racing: Tips for Beginners

Watching horse racing can be very exciting. Everyone waits in anticipation to see who is going to make it over the line and win the competition. Indeed, this is what makes it a popular sport to bet on. Gamblers like to read the odds, do their research and pick a horse and rider to back for the race.

But, if you are new to betting on horse racing, you might not know where to begin. This guide is going to give you some horse racing betting tips for beginners. So, let’s get started.

Know the Terminology

First of all, you need to know horse racing terminology. This is going to lead to a better understanding for betting. For instance, do you know what all weather racing is? This is a surface that is used in the UK especially during winter. It is not turf and it is designed to work well in poor weather conditions. In addition, you should know terms like an apprentice jockey. This means a rider who has only been in a few competitions before. You can brush up on the terminology online with a lot of good sources available.

Do Not Automatically Back the Favourite

There is always going to be a favourite horse and rider to win a race. If you are new to betting, you might think that you should back them. Indeed, this can be a way to win money. But, something you should realise is that they are not always the most valuable. In other words, the winnings will be smaller. So, it is recommended that you check statistics and look for a horse that has a good chance and is worth more money. Indeed, there can be more risk. But, there can also be more reward when you do the right research.

Look into the Trainers

Before you enjoy MrPlay sports betting or similar, you need to do your research into the trainers. Of course, you want to know the records of the jockeys and horses. But, the trainers are equally important in this equation. If they have a good record, it is going to count for something when it comes to a horse race. So, take your time and find out information about the trainers, including their track records and how they operate. There are a lot of details out there online so this should be easy to find. You will notice that some trainers perform better on different surfaces, which leads onto the next point.

Examine the Surfaces

There are horse race tracks up and down the country. This is something you need to look into before making a bet. Indeed, the surface is going to play a big part in the race and who is going to win. For example, the race is going to be faster on a dry or firm course. Thus, daintier horses are going to perform better here. So, the surface is another element to take into consideration. This goes hand in hand with the weather, as rain can affect how the ground is underneath the horse.