Can You Make Money Gambling?

The answer is that 98% lose when gambling.

However, the answer to winning is found within the 2%.

It isn’t impossible to make your betting pay but you need to have answers to questions. Professional gamblers make a living because they have honed their skills. They are not the jack of all trades and know their niche. Why? Because there simply isn’t enough time to know everything. And here’s the point, you don’t need to know everything, just a little more than most.

Betting on horse racing, poker is skill-based rather than fixed odds such as roulette or slots which mean the only way you can win is by being lucky. As with playing the lottery, the more you bet the more you will lose. Sure, one in several million will get lucky but it has nothing to do with skill and that should be a concern for those who feel they can beat the bookie or layers.

The best gamblers have the skill to put the odds in their favour.

However, most have very small margins and only win because they bet considerable sums of money. In fact, some have as little as 1% profit margin, which is a pretty miserable return. This type of gambler would have to bet millions to make an average income.

If you know your niche, work hard and look for value bets it is possible for professional gamblers to make a decent return.

No would-be pro gambler should be betting for the buzz. If that’s the thrill of being a successful gambler you simply don’t have the character traits to make it a full-time occupation. You’re more likely to lose your shirt.

Gambling is a very serious business.