Casino Games with Equestrian Themes

Horse racing and casinos seemingly don’t have much in common. Most people wouldn’t put these two together at first thought. But we see it differently. Both have been around for centuries, and both have a mysterious aura to them. The world of horses and horseracing is rich with prestige and tradition, making it a perfect theme for casino games. And while casino games rely on luck and chance, horse racing is a sport that involves the physical abilities of horses and their jockeys. So, what happens when you try to combine these two worlds? Well, some people already did it a long time ago, and we’re bringing you an overview in this article.

Horse Racing Slot Machines

Slots are probably the visually most appealing casino games, not only because of the colorful symbols and almost ASMR sound effects but also because they are built around a huge variety of themes. You can’t even imagine how many different themes have been used to make slot machines more interesting. And horse racing is no exception. Horse-themed slot machines are nothing new and are a popular choice among horse racing fans. Here’s a selection of some equestrian-themed slot machines that blend the elegance of equine sport with the simplicity of slots.

Derby Dollars Slot

With its green and gold tones reminiscent of the infield on derby day, Derby Dollars offers a classic take on horse racing theme. This slot features racehorses, jockeys, trophies, and other symbols designed around the world of horse racing. It has a classic slot vibe thanks to the 5×3 grid.

Lucky Day at The Races Slot

This slot was developed by one of the most reputable slot game providers, Pragmatic Play. Those who are familiar with their work know the high quality of graphics and sound effects they offer in their games. Lucky Day at The Races is no exception. Similar to Derby Dollars, Lucky Day at The Races has horse racing-themed symbols, but with a slightly more modern twist and graphics.

Champion of the Track Slot

This one was released back in 2023, so you can naturally expect very modern graphics, animations, and sound effects. The symbols used here are different from the other two horse-themed slots mentioned above. We especially like the graphics in this title. It looks like the whole interface was drawn by hand, which is a nice touch!

Horse Racing Betting Games and Arcade-Style Horse Racing Games

Beyond slots, numerous other horse-inspired casino games also exist. Virtual horse racing and betting games are particularly common, and you’ll often find them listed under recommendations by Platin Play and other similar websites. These simulations offer surprisingly realistic graphics combined with live commentary and use Random Number Generators (RNGs) to ensure fair gameplay. Virtual horse racing betting uses Parimutuel (pool) wagering, just like you would see in real horse racing events. But unlike real events, where you might need solid knowledge of each horse and the sport itself, these races are completely random. Therefore, it’s a game of luck rather than skill.

Before the digital screens and algorithms, there were arcade-style horse racing games that challenged players with mechanical charm. These classic games can still be found in some casinos. But with time, mechanical games transformed into digital arcade horse racing games. Unlike previously mentioned virtual horse racing betting games where you don’t have control over the outcome, these machines allow players to influence the horse in some way. Usually, there are joysticks and buttons you can press to make your horse move faster. Many of these games are designed for multiple players, creating a competitive atmosphere. The combination of chance and skill can make for a dynamic and engaging gaming experience that’s different from your usual arcade fare.

Historical Horse Racing (Instant Racing)

Unlike virtual horse racing betting and arcade-style games, historical horse racing games, also known as “instant racing”, use pre-recorded races from real events. Sounds quite unusual, right? To bet on already run races, that is. But this unique form of pari-mutuel betting allows players to bet on races from the past without knowing which race it is or who participated. The identities of horses and jockeys are kept hidden. Now it makes sense, right?