Horse Racing Betting: The Best Tips for Beginners

Join one of the most traditional forms of British gambling. Here we give you some tips on how to get started with betting on horse races.

Horse racing has been conducted for thousands of years. The ancient Greeks, Romans and Byzantines enjoyed watching chariot races and bet on the winners. In the 18th-century horse racing came to Britain and became well-established in this century.

In other words, it’s a performance of British history when the races take place and horse betting has always been an integrated part of the races. So, let’s give you some tips on how to get started, so you can be ready for some of the big horse races like The Grand National.

Set a budget and stick to it

In any kind of gambling, the first and most important rule is to only spend money, you can afford to lose. To keep track of this, a lot of players set a monthly budget on what they can afford to spend on gambling. In this way, you can gamble safely.

A lot of players use this budget as the frame for how much to put into each individual bet. The principle is to set a maximum percentage of what you can spend at one bet. A lot of players set 5 percent of the budget as the maximum wager you are allowed to place.

This is also an opening up to another perspective on betting: Focusing on the return of investment. The principle here is to look less at how much money you’ve made, but more on how much you’ve made the money, you’ve betted, grown.

Know the basic bets

There are basic wagers that are typically called “straight” wagers. This is one of the main types of horse betting. You can put three different bets on each horse in the races: win, place or show. “Win” basically means that you bet on your horse to win the race. This is the most difficult of the three kinds of bets, and therefore you also get the highest return.

“Place” is easier, as you play on your horse to become number one OR two in the race. In other words, your chances of winning have doubled, and therefore your return has also been reduced. “Show” is the third and final option of the “straight” wagers. “Show” simply means that your horse will either become number one, two OR three in the race. So, you have a pretty good chance of winning, but your return is also quite low.

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