Great Yarmouth Upcoming Races

The Great Yarmouth Racecourse is a historic racing arena located on the Norfolk coast. The seaside venue has a lot to offer, including the brilliant U18’s Race Free promotion. During summer, horse racing is going to get hot with 23 flat race meetings. The race has attracted top-name jockeys and upcoming two-year-old horses. Fans are eager and anticipate to watch the two young horses that will proceed and win valuable races.

Great Yarmouth boasts of its racing heritage, with events taking place since 1715. The oldest course was near Nelson’s Monument at South Denes. The coming of the railway boosted its popularity before being moved to the North Denes site in 1920. The course was forced to relocate to give way for the buoyant fishing industry. Ever since the course enrolled its tremendous racecourse activities, continual improvements are evident such as the new Lord Nelson Grandstand with bars and hospitality avenues.

Monday 11th October 2021

Those looking for a memorable event should consider booking a ticket and join the racecourse fanatics in cheering horses at Great Yarmouth on Monday 11th. At Norfolk coast, fans will experience sea air and some thrilling action. Memories will be created with leading trainers and jockey regular visitors to make a real showdown on the grass. The event is appropriate for family time, and friends where fans have an opportunity to cheer their favorite horses. The event will run per government and ministry of health regulations.

Horse racing has attracted gamblers since time immemorial and various sportsbooks are always involved. We can only wait and see the odds that 888 casino UK will provide for the sports fans who want to try their luck.

Tickets are available for those wishing to participate in both the Premier and Grandstand Enclosures. It is easy to buy tickets online, and they remain to the racing date unless they are sold out. Since horse racing began, dressing has been a crucial aspect to consider before stepping into the arena. Sportswear and ripped jeans are discouraged, but intelligent casual out-fit should be the way to dress. Great Yarmouth reflects the seaside setting, therefore encouraging participants to look for a simple, relaxed outfit. Those attending a premier enclosure adhere to a strict dress code that includes intelligent jeans, tailored shorts, and intelligent footwear. The most incredible part is that kids below the age of 17 will attend for free as long as an adult accompanies them.

Season Finale

The season finale kicks off on 19th October 2021, where gates open at 11:55 in the morning. There are seven races in total, and the first one is expected to roll out at 13:55. Those who attend in the afternoon will be lucky to watch the races too as the last one takes off at 17:23.

With a Premier Enclosure Admission Ticket, fans have access to Victory Bar and the Premier Enclosure lawn that has a view over the track. In addition, fans can access the Hoops Champagne Bar with club facilities and a lawned area with garden furniture.

Grandstand Enclosure Admission Ticket is limited, and those wishing to participate are advised to book early to avoid frustrations.

During the horse race event, sponsorship opportunities are also available where companies can increase their brand awareness. It is an excellent opportunity as Great Yarmouth fixtures will be televised on Sky Sports Racing.

Getting a ticket to attend the racecourse event at Great Yarmouth will create memories and offer a chance to make new friends.

The history of Great Yarmouth Racecourse

The famous racecourse is situated a mile north of Great Yarmouth and owned by Arena Racing Company. It is a left-handed course that is used for flat racing purposes only. The beautiful scenery of tracks takes the form of one mile narrow oblong and five furlongs around—two long straights about five furlongs in length wow newbies who visit the racecourse for the first time. Races of up to a mile can be held due to the extension at the finishing line.

Racing at Great Yarmouth kicked off in 1715 after the Great Yarmouth Corporation granted a group of innkeepers lease to stage race meetings. According to historians, it seemed that racing took place even before that date. During the eighteenth century, it was probably sporadic and often conceded with the annual town fair. Diversity was embraced where donkey races and chasing a pig with a soaped tail exploded. In 1810 the official Racing Calendar began to hold meetings with thoroughbred races and lucrative prize money. Through thoroughbred races, South Denes was established. In the late summer, two-day meetings were held each year, and in 1866, the number of fixtures increased.

After the suspension during World War I, racing resumed. In 1920 the course was forced to move to adjacent North Denes after the local fishing industry pressured its relocation to expand to South Denes. In 1904, the local authority took over ownership of the course. The result led to many locals benefiting from the racecourse by providing entertainment throughout the twentieth century. In addition, the course profits made the rates remain down. The local authority has remained the minority shareholder since 2001 when a new company was made to run the course. Earlier, the racecourse belonged to a private company known as Northern Racing which was the majority shareholder. The local authority managed to finance improvements that the council could not, such as constructing an additional grandstand. In the year 2012, the course merged with Arena Racing Company.

Memorable Races

John Musker Fillies’ Stakes is the most valuable race that runs over a mile and a quarter in September. The accessibility of the course to the Newmarket is that any of the races for two–year–old is primarily instructive. Some of the two-year-old horses stand a chance to win valuable money. Dubai millennium won its first race impressively at Great Yarmouth in 1998. The horse was ridden by Frankie Dettori and became one of the best horses to race for the worldwide Godolphin operation owned by the Dubai royal family. Ouija Board has a history in Great Yarmouth after he won the English and Irish Oaks before. Ouija Board scored at the Breeders Cup, an annual international horse racing championship held in the USA. Wiko, Raven’s Pass, and Donativum have also made history at Great Yarmouth before rising to glory at the Breeders Cup.



Horse Racing Betting: The Best Tips for Beginners

Join one of the most traditional forms of British gambling. Here we give you some tips on how to get started with betting on horse races.

Horse racing has been conducted for thousands of years. The ancient Greeks, Romans and Byzantines enjoyed watching chariot races and bet on the winners. In the 18th-century horse racing came to Britain and became well-established in this century.

In other words, it’s a performance of British history when the races take place and horse betting has always been an integrated part of the races. So, let’s give you some tips on how to get started, so you can be ready for some of the big horse races like The Grand National.

Set a budget and stick to it

In any kind of gambling, the first and most important rule is to only spend money, you can afford to lose. To keep track of this, a lot of players set a monthly budget on what they can afford to spend on gambling. In this way, you can gamble safely.

A lot of players use this budget as the frame for how much to put into each individual bet. The principle is to set a maximum percentage of what you can spend at one bet. A lot of players set 5 percent of the budget as the maximum wager you are allowed to place.

This is also an opening up to another perspective on betting: Focusing on the return of investment. The principle here is to look less at how much money you’ve made, but more on how much you’ve made the money, you’ve betted, grown.

Know the basic bets

There are basic wagers that are typically called “straight” wagers. This is one of the main types of horse betting. You can put three different bets on each horse in the races: win, place or show. “Win” basically means that you bet on your horse to win the race. This is the most difficult of the three kinds of bets, and therefore you also get the highest return.

“Place” is easier, as you play on your horse to become number one OR two in the race. In other words, your chances of winning have doubled, and therefore your return has also been reduced. “Show” is the third and final option of the “straight” wagers. “Show” simply means that your horse will either become number one, two OR three in the race. So, you have a pretty good chance of winning, but your return is also quite low.

If you want to find tips on which horses to bet for and compare the odds, so you find the best place to put your bets, you can visit This is a betting site with multiple guides on how to do different kinds of online sports betting. You can find information about different strategies in betting and daily tips on all kinds of sports betting. Even if you are into football, rugby or horses. Click here to visit

Did Emily Davison commit suicide?

Emily Wilding Davison was a militant suffragette – an advocate of female suffrage, or the right of women to vote – who was fatally injured during the Derby on June 4, 1913. For reasons unknown, as the field rounded Tattenham Corner, Davison slipped under the running rail onto the track, where she was forcibly bowled over and trampled by Anmer, owned by King George V. She died of her injuries at Epsom Cottage Hospital four days later.

Some observers believe that Davidson did, indeed, commit suicide to draw attention to her cause, while others believe that she was attempting to pull down Anmer or, even, simply to cross the track in the mistaken belief that the whole field had already passed. A more plausible explanation, perhaps, is that Davison was attempting to attach a flag, in the green, white and purple colours of the Women’s Social and Political Union (WPSU) to the bridle of the horse. Two such flags were later found on her person and newsreel footage of the incident shows her holding something, resembling a piece of paper, as she reaches up towards Anmer.

In fact, Davison may not, as some observers believe, have singled out Anmer as the horse owned by King George V. Of course, jockey Herbert Jones was wearing the Royal colours but, from her vantage point on the inside bend of Tattenham Corner, Davison would have found it nigh on impossible to identify Anmer, especially in the absence of a racecourse commentary. Indeed, newsreel footage also shows her attempting to grab the bridle of two horses before Anmer and she and other suffragettes were, apparently, seen rehearsing the manoeuvre on horses in a park beforehand. On the morning of the race, Davison bought a return ticket from Victoria Station to Tattenham Corner Station, adding further weight to the argument that her death was, in all probability, accidental.

Horse Racing Betting – The Most Popular Form of Sports Betting in Ireland

If there’s one thing that Irish punters absolutely love to gamble on, it’s without a doubt horse racing. Sports betting fans in Ireland enjoy horse racing betting more than any other type of sports betting for several reasons. Horse racing is part of the country’s tradition and its presence and significance has deep roots within Irish culture. Horse racing also generates a lot of revenue for the country and forms a strong part of the Irish culture and even the economy. In this article, we’ll take a look at what makes horse racing so popular in Ireland and where Irish punters can place their bets on horse racing.

What Makes Horse Racing Betting so Popular in Ireland?

Horse racing has a long and rich history in Ireland, dating as far back as 110BC. With large expanses of rural land, Ireland is one of the most suitable countries for horse racing, horse breeding, and race tracks. Thoroughbred breeding is a big business in Ireland and an important part of the country’s economy. In fact, many thoroughbred horses come from Ireland because the climate and location, and the high level of expertise in the country, make it ideal for such a business.

The Biggest Horse Racing Events of the Year

There are severla major horse racing events throughout the year, both in Ireland and the UK, that Irish punters are sure to put their money on. Below, we’re taking a look at the most important horse racing events that bring in billions in revenue, whether it’s through on-course bookmakers or online bookies.

The Irish Derby

The Irish Derby can be considered as the highlight of the year when it comes to horse racing. It’s a three-day event that takes place on the Curragh Racecourse, offering big prize money for bettors who do their homework and research the odds well.

The Galway Races

The Galway Races is another highlight in the horse racing season and one of the biggest betting events for Irish punters. Only horses above four years old participate and it’s considered a race for all the elite horse trainers in Ireland. It’s also one of the most lucrative horse races in the world for horse racing betting fans, with a prize fund going up to €300,000.

Punchestown Festival

The Punchestown Festival takes place towards the end of April every year and draws in a huge number of fans and bettors. The prize pool for this event can go up to a whopping €250,000 with a first prize of up to €150,000.

What do Irish Punters Gamble on the Most?

Despite a relatively small population, the revenue generated by Irish punters is huge, especially compared to bigger nations. In 2017, it was estimated that around Irish punters spent over €6.2 billion on gambling, both online and offline.

When it comes to horse racing betting, it’s estimated that horse racing in Ireland is a whopping £2 billion industry because Irish punters bet on horse racing more than any other sport. After horse race betting, Irish punters also enjoy betting on Gaelic football, soccer, and golf, although not nearly as much as horse racing.

Apart from its roots in Irish culture and history, horse race betting offers a different kind of thrill and entertainment value that other types of sports betting just don’t have. At any moment in a race, things can take a wholly unexpected turn, the horse least likely to win might shock the crowd with a win, or horses can get injured during the race, changing the odds drastically.

One of the biggest surprises in horse racing history was when Freewheelin Dylan won the Irish Grand National at odds of 150-1. He was the longest-priced winner of the Irish Grand National since 1870, defying the odds and shocking fans and bettors who were not expecting the outcome. Bill Shoemaker is another horse jockey who broke the world record during his career, with a record of 8,833 career wins.

Bet on Horse Racing Online – The Best Irish Betting Sites Online

There are several online bookies for horse racing betting, including some of the best Irish sites such as Ladbrokes, Paddy Power, and Bet365 among others. When choosing an online bookie for horse racing, it’s important to do your research beforehand to find the best odds on upcoming horse racing events. If you’re new to horse racing betting, get familiar with the best tips for beginners to avoid making the most common mistakes.

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