Who are the UK’s most successful greyhound trainers?

Greyhound racing isn’t as popular as other sports in the UK, such as football, but it certainly has a dedicated and loyal following who tune in to as many races as they can and have their favourite runners and trainers in the sport. When assessing the variety of trainers in greyhound racing, it highlights the overall strength of the sport, with some of the best handlers making a real name for themselves over the years. Even going as far back as Norah Wilmot, the first female trainer in Britain to officially train a winner, trainers have always received the plaudits and have been respected figures in greyhound racing.

After all, not everyone can be a greyhound trainer. It takes a special type of person. They’re generally highly knowledgeable operators who strive to produce the best greyhounds possible, obviously with the aim of putting a winning run together eventually, be it with one particular project or a yard full of dogs who have the potential to reign supreme. Greyhound trainers need to know everything, too, from a dog’s behavioural patterns to their dietary requirements. All greyhounds are carefully managed to produce the goods and be a reliable proposition when it comes to betting on greyhound racing. With some of the top greyhound trainers registering success at the likes of Newcastle, Towcester and Romford, let’s take a look at a selection of standout names in the sport.

Nick Savva

Regarded as a trainer who has the know-how when it comes to producing winners, Nick Savva is a four-time Greyhound Derby winner who has recorded a string of successes over the years. The Cypriot trainer is training 18 runners at the time of writing and will undoubtedly be keen to build on some of his past success stories, namely his 25 winners from 2019 and his 55 victories from 2018. Savva has also managed to win the Trainers Championship on four different occasions too, helping to contribute to his overall glowing reputation in the sport.

P. W. Young

Avid followers of greyhound racing will instantly recognise the name P. W. Young. A highly successful trainer, P. W. Young had a memorable 2019 in particular, recording a massive 662 winners across the year out of 4,095 runners at Romford, creating an impressive 16.16% win rate in the process. Similar success was accomplished in 2019, too, when Young’s 5,842 runners managed to come out on top in 950 races.

Mark Wallis

One of the most respected trainers in the sport, Mark Wallis has managed to finish as the champion trainer every year between 2012 and 2018, highlighting the undoubted impact he has had on the sport. Wallis is known for his expertise in this particular area and his record speaks for itself, earning himself a 17.84% win percentage after clocking up 226 winners from 1,267 runners in 2019, while also recording a prestigious Greyhound Derby win. Most of Wallis’ runners race at both Crayford and Henlow.

Seamus Cahill

Boasting an extremely powerful yard that is regularly training large amounts of dogs throughout the year, Seamus Cahill is a former winner of both the Greyhound Trainer of the Year and Trainers Championship awards, after recording plenty of wins at the likes of Hove and Romford. Cahill is said to have around 186 runners in training at the moment, with the respected trainer hoping to produce another Astute Missile, a runner who managed to win the Greyhound Derby title at a massive price of 28/1 and further prove Cahill’s credentials as a result.

Angela Harrison

A winner of the Trainers Championship in 2019, Angela Harrison is yet another trainer with a great deal to offer to the sport in terms of winning runners. In fact, Harrison managed to get 258 wins from 1,572 runners at Newcastle in 2019, earning herself a solid success rate of 16.41%. Notable runners include Droopys Expert, alongside a whole host of other talented dogs Harrison is helping to nurture.

Other successful greyhound trainers include John Mullins and H. F. Williams.