2023 Kentucky Derby: Why Kingsbarns Could Be A Winner

Kingsbarns is heading to the 2023 Kentucky Derby as one of the top point-earning horses. And while he’s not the heavy favorite for this year’s derby, Kingsbarns is one of the horses that many bettors are watching very closely.


Why many bettors kept an eye on his horse came with strong reasons for the 149th Kentucky Derby racing. However, before joining the Kentucky Derby Betting for Kingsbarns’, let’s get to know the horse better and why everyone looking to make a little cash in the upcoming derby race should keep an eye on him.


(1) His Bloodline


As part of your research before placing your horse racing bets, every horse bloodline should be taken note of. For every successful horse, its bloodline plays an integral part in its success.


As for Kingsbarns, he is the offspring of Uncle Mo. During Uncle Mo’s time in the racing arena, he was an excellent horse. During his time, Uncle Mo’s racing performances in the arena were truly exceptional.


Uncle Mo had competed on a number of significant American racecourses and he had success there, including at Churchill Downs when he took home the Breeders Cup Juvenile in 2010.


History has traced down horses with remarkable performances to have come to the dams and sires are more likely to succeed in horse racing. These horses Kingsbarns also belong to, perform exceptionally well just like their parents. These are the sole reasons a colt’s bloodline should be well-researched before any wager as this usually has a big impact on its worth and cost of ownership.


(2) Kingsbarns’ Connections With Human


After the horse bloodline comes to its connection with humans around the colt. These connections are from their owners, trainers, and jockeys. Every connection with it plays a huge impact on its success and performance in the racing arena.


(2-i) The Owner


At the end of every horse racing victory, horse owners are the least appreciated ones. This is likely because these owners can only be seen on the sidelines and aren’t as active with the horses as the jockey and the trainer.


Owner’s support for their horses also plays an important role in the horse’s success stories. To be a successful horse owner, one must be passionately involved with the horse’s well-being and also have a purpose. This alone totally separates successful horse owners from those who aren’t that successful in the racing industry.


In the case of Kingsbarns, the horse belongs to an owner that has a passion and purpose for his colts. Kingsbarns belongs to an owner that boasts of a staggering $17,634,397 USD in lifetime earnings and still counting.


Per horse racing stats, these farm has a 24% winning rate and provides strong support for their horses, including Kingsbarns, their trainers, and the whole team behind them.


(2-ii) The Trainer


The potential and abilities of the thoroughbred colts could be inherited from their pedigree. However, the trainer’s role is to shape and improve the horse’s natural abilities. The horse’s trainer is in charge of making sure it receives the appropriate amount of rest, exercise, and nourishment in order to stay healthy and well-prepared for competition.


The trainers are also in charge of training the racehorses so they can perform at their highest peak and win championships. And for Kingsbarns, this horse has one of the top horse trainers in the racing industry, in the person of Todd Pletcher, who is a multiple-award winner.


Todd Pletcher is a name all horse racing fans are 100% familiar with and even those in the racing only for what horse odds to bet on purposes. Pletcher, over the years as a trainer, has trained numerous horses to be champions and he has no plans to stop at the moment. He is also the trainer of Forte, who is the heavy favorite in the 2023 Kentucky Derby.


Pletcher has won the Eclipse Award for Trainer of the Year eight times. He won four of these trophies in a row.


(2-iii) The Jockey


Kingsbarns imminent success at the 149th Kentucky Derby will be who rides him. And in this case, Kingsbarns is heading into this derby with Flavien Flat going to be his jockey, who has already garnered a long list of achievements throughout his career, as seen in his statistics.


Going forward, another person that will have a strong impact towards Kingsbarns’ possible success in the Kentucky Derby this year will be his jockey. The jockey, as we all know, are the riders who compete on the racetrack with the horses. Jockeys ride and control the horses from the beginning of the race to the end and how well they are controlled will determine the performance the horse will deliver.


The Thoroughbred’s Past Performances


Bloodline and human connection have already been discussed. We’re looking at his past performances to see how his bloodline and human connections worked out for him.


Since beginning his professional racing career, Kingsbarns has only taken part in three races. The MSW and Alwoc are included in this. The Louisiana Derby, a grade 2 event and one of the derby prep races was his third contest.


Fortunately, Kingsbarns won all three of these contests and, thanks to his victory in the Louisiana Derby, qualified for the Kentucky Derby with 100 points. He was given post number six, and Flavien Flat did an excellent job of advancing Kingsbarns.


Jace’s Road finished second behind Kingsbarns, who held the lead for a brief period of 24.72 and 49.60 seconds.


In addition to the betting odds, one important aspect to take into account while betting on a horse is the horse’s historical performance.


Final Conclusion


From all we’ve analyzed so far, it shows Kingsbarns has the onus for a champion horse to win the Kentucky Derby. His bloodline, connections with humans and a show of brilliant past performances show the horse is a force to reckon with. Should everything go as planned for this horse, Kingsbarns could steal a match on the current derby favorite, Forte.