Are there Horse Themed Slots Games?

If you were an avid amusements arcade goer ‘back in the day’ you may well remember that exciting / naff (delete as applicable!) seaside game where you popped a few coins in and got to bet on and watch your horse take on others, with the promise of cold hard cash if you won. It wasn’t a slots game, but instead a full on track with cheap looking plastic horse figures. I’m not exactly talking it up, and let’s just say that the first reference to it online when I did a search was on a website called World of Crap. But even with that being the case, nostalgia kicks in when I think back to those halcyon days.

Technology has moved on an awful lot since that marvellous monstrosity though, and it’s done so in the area of slots faster than just about any other. A casual visit to sites like Avenger Slots Casino immediately reveals fun and addictive horse themed games such as Bronco Spirit (look out for those shiny gold horse coins!) and Mustang Gold. These slots game are perfect for those with a love of horses and combine that aesthetic with all of excitement of playing slots. There are no doubt horse themes slot machine in real life too, but I can’t say I’ve ever been lucky enough to chance upon one, so I’ll opt for couch potato mode instead .

We’re in a time where the racing season has now started again (thank god!) and Royal Ascot is just around the corner too. With that in mind, why not kill some time on these or other horse slots, and even other themed slots game, while you’re waiting for the big races to hit our screens. If your luck is in, it might boost your betting bank for when you see a generously prices outsider, or dead cert! Whatever your approach to slots and betting is, have fun and good luck!