Four Top Horse Racing Events in 2021

One of the best things about being a horse racing fan is that there are many events and races to get excited about every year. Horse racing festivals usually remain a big calendar event each year for fans and require a lot of preparation and excitement in the lead-up. Some of the various 2021 horse racing events in the UK consist of the Cheltenham Festival, The Grand National, the Epsom Derby Festival and the Guineas Festival. All of these are a staple for horse racing fans and bring people from all over the world together to tune in to watch the races. Keep reading to find out a bit more about them.

Cheltenham Festival

One of the more famous horse racing events situated in the UK is that of the Cheltenham Festival. Taking place in March 2021, the grand festival prize is the Gold Cup – worth £625,000. This festival tends to be the highlight within the horse racing community and becomes the epicentre for fans to enjoy the sport each year. It takes place in Cheltenham in the Cotswolds in England and lasts for four consecutive days. The festival consists of some of the world-class jumpers and chasers, allowing it to reap millions of spectators either sitting at home or in the crowds.

The Grand National

Taking place in Aintree, Liverpool, from 8-10 April 2021, The Grand National serves as one of the world’s most infamous horse racing events. Online casino sites and other betting and sports betting services become very popular at the time of this event taking place as horse racing fans seek to place their bets on their favourite horses. The Grand National is known as one of the more luxurious horse racing events to exist in the UK, primarily because of its prize fund. The winner of the Grand National is expected to win £1m at the end of the three-day event. It is considered one of the more difficult races, but this makes it all the more exciting for punters!

Epsom Derby Festival

At the Epsom Derby Festival (located in Epsom, Surrey, in June 2021), there are two different prizes – The Oaks and The Derby – made up of different winning amounts. The Oaks prize money sits at £500k and The Derby sits at £1.5m. The prizes of the Epsom Derby Festival are what makes the festival one of the most elite horse racing festivals in existence. Experts note that those who are successful in the races have reached the peak of their career and horse racing as a whole.

The Guineas Festival

The Guineas Festival (Newmarket, Suffolk) taking place in May this year serves as the embodiment for infamous horse racing fixtures for the whole world; they tend to be imitated in various events because of their prestige and popularity. What’s great about The Guineas Festival is that the races can be ultimately career-defining for the jockey, horse and trainer, making the festival a strong staple in horse racing careers.

What event will you tune into?