The Best Horse Breeds For Racing

horse racing

People know a huge number of riding horse breeds. They differ significantly in character and anatomical features from horses, which are used for meat and milk, for performing heavy types of work. Some breeds are used in sports racing, others are for walking.


The two main types of competitions these breeds used are Flat racing and jump racing (otherwise identified as National Hunt Racing, the best tips on which you can get at They also divided into different smaller groups.


Classifications in Flat Racing


Races are split into one of these classes depending on the amount and renown of the race, plus what age groups and genders are allowed to compete.

  • Group 1 – The highest race group, most popular and most prestigious.
  • Groups 2 and 3 – Important, but of lesser quality.
  • Listed – On the level of the Group classifications, also offer penalties for horses for additional weight.
  • Handicap – Most common race classification, with most horses able to compete.


National Hunt (Jumps) Races


These events require horses and jockeys to jump different obstacles on the track and are seen as more exciting to watch by some because of the risk involved.

Commonly, those events take place between October and April and break down into these categories.

  • Hurdles – Hurdles are at least 1 metre high and designed so that if horse clip and fall it won’t hurt itself, because the top of the barrier can be removed.
  • Steeplechases – Have more impediments than just hurdles including open ditches and water jumps. This type has different barriers, such as water jumps and ditches. The horses might be injured, because the barrier is solid and higher, the minimum is 1.4 meters.
  • Listed – On the level of the Group classifications, also offer penalties for horses for additional weight.
  • Bumpers – This is for the horses, who have no experience with a hurdle.


What are the varieties of riding horse breeds, depending on the purpose and what is their feature?


There are special horses intended for racing. They are daring and proud, strong and stubborn, nimble and impulsive, all these characteristics are combined in a sports horse. Such horses are not adapted for calm summer or spring walks. They need to drive and constant power loads.


All riding horse breeds have the same anatomical features. They have a wide, strong back (to withstand the load), muscular shoulders, and a good physique. And, of course, a luxurious tail with incredible fur. Riding horses are about 165 cm tall at the withers. Endurance, patience, and brilliant beauty make them unique and special among all other breeds.


Endurance, speed, violent character are the qualities that sport horses possess.


English thoroughbred


A unique horse, bred in England at the beginning of the 18th century, but popular all over the world. Irresistible appearance and well-developed muscles are the main quality of the breed: proportional physique, broad forehead, long neck, mobile ears. The temperament of the English thoroughbred horse is exuberant, bold, agile. Her attentiveness, accuracy and energy lead to numerous victories in various competitions. She is loyal to her master, does everything to achieve achievements in sports. The breed is stress-resistant, balanced, reacts quickly to commands, which is also important for achieving victory in races. Ideal for professional equestrian sports.




A supreme breed that was bred in the 18th century in the United States. The horse has a small stature, with a proportional head, expressive large eyes, small ears, strong legs, and a strong back. The soft, shiny mane and tail give the horse extra beauty. A fusion of anatomical features with endurance and poise allows you to achieve victories in competitions. The exclusivity of the horse lies in the specific colour: the forelock colour, by which you can accurately guess the breed. She is characterized by such qualities as easy learning, intelligence, ingenuity and superior trust in the owner. She is also very loyal and submissive.


Arabian thoroughbred horse


One of the oldest riding horse breeds in the world, bred in the Arabian Peninsula. The representative of the breed has a regular constitution, a long neck, a rounded body and strong legs. The arched neck, expressive clear eyes and silky tail and mane make her very graceful. Able to run 100-160 km, which proves her endurance in long-distance running. The speed reaches 60 kilometres per hour. Differs in the strongest health, agility, longevity (lives on average 30 years) and excellent temperament.


Menorquín horse


A bold, hardy breed. The animal is perfect for sports competitions, easy to train. Thanks to the ability to interact with people, black colour, lush long tail and fur, the animal delight with its charm and pleases others at performances.


Hannover riding horse


A well-known sports breed in the world. Tall stature, muscular legs, broad back, the strong body helps it to reach the top in equestrian sports. Distinctive features are power, mobility, the ability to make good jumps. The horse has a persistent balanced temperament, clearly follows all commands. Thanks to this, she won multiple international competitions.


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