What Are the Funniest Names Ever Given to Racehorses?

There are many quirks and foibles that make horseracing the greatest sport on earth, and one of those is undoubtedly the freedom that owners and trainers have to bestow whacky and sometimes hilarious names on their horses.

While some are heartfelt homages to a deceased movie star or singer, others match perfectly with a horse’s personality or the landscapes it was reared and trained on.

However, the best – in our humble opinion – are those that have an element of the absurd about them. Here are some of the most fantastic racehorse names ever devised.

There is a long and rich history of giving horses crazy names



This is undoubtedly one of the best, firstly for its simplicity, and secondly for how funny the name sounds when said on racing commentary.

Such was the case when in 2008 when Tom Durkin had to call the horse triumphing at Saratoga racecourse in New York state. The clip has since become a YouTube sensation, with Durkin screaming “arrrrr” like a deranged pirate.



When punters go in search of a horse to back they tend to follow a routine of checking the form guide, reading tips from trusted racing sources, and then often abandon all logic by just plumping for a horse with a catchy name.

For the punters who did that with this filly – named after a racy literary phenomenon – they came up smelling of roses, with the horse winning five of her twenty starts and bringing home over $1 million in prize money.

Given the chance, what would you call your very own racehorse?



Another beautiful amalgamation of words here that make up something similar to the immortal phrase once muttered by a Jedi master to his young Padawan.

Star Wars fans were sold on the horse before it even started trotting out to the starting gates. The force was strong with this one too, because he managed to come fifth in the Melbourne Cup.


Passing Wind

There must be something in the air in New Zealand, because Maythehorsebewithu was bred there along with Passing Wind, the latter trumping the field on a few occasions during a long racing career.

Perhaps the horse’s name instilled such fear into its rivals – so that they never wanted to be trailing the flatulent gelding – meant he never quite bagged the amount of prize money his owners would have hoped for. Luckily for Passing Wind, farting is healthy and natural for horses, but try telling that to his stable hand.