Which is the biggest fence on the Grand National course?

The fifteenth fence, known as ‘The Chair’, is both the tallest and broadest fence on the Grand National course. The fence, itself, stands 4’ 8” high, but the ground on the landing side is actually 6” higher than that on the take-off side, so horses must clear a total height of 5’ 2”. Breadth-wise, The Chair measures 3’ 0”, but is preceded by a ditch, 6’ 0” across, to create a total breadth of 9’ 0”.

Along with the sixteenth fence, the Water Jump, The Chair is jumped just once during the Grand National. By contrast, ‘Becher’s Brook’ is jumped twice, as the sixth and twenty-second fence. Again, the fence, itself, stands just 4’ 10” high, but the lie of the land means that it is effectively 6’ 9” high, from the top of the fence to ground level, on the landing side.