Why did the Queen skip Royal Ascot 2020?

The Queen was absent from the prestigious Royal Ascot event in 2020 due to the coronavirus. For many months, the global covid-19 pandemic removed the prospect of sport being held, and even upon its return it did so without crowds. Partly due to this, and also due to social distancing rules, it was simply not safe for the Queen to attend Royal Ascot 2020. She instead continued to isolate in Windsor castle.

Known to be an ardent racing fan (taking after her Mother), as well as a thoroughbred owner, the Queen penned a heartfelt message celebrating the return of racing, as well as commending those involved.

“I am sure… that with the valiant efforts of the organisers, owners, trainers and stable staff, it will remain one of Britain’s finest sporting occasions and a highlight of the racing calendar” she said.

Being just six miles from the course must have made the need to stay away all the more difficult for the 94 year old. Ascot Racecourse is on Crown Estate which is owned by the Queen. She’s had many winning horses over the years at Royal Ascot, including Gold Cup winner Estimate in 2013. Until 1945 the racecourse was solely used for royal meetings.