Brief Guide to Proposition Bets

There are lots of types of bets you can place while betting on sports events or games at a casino. Proposition ones are one of the most popular options. These are those bets that are placed on the outcome of a particular event. Before it finishes, there will be no payouts. Typically such bets don’t affect the result of an event, but sometimes they can.


As for sports, the most popular proposition bet is to decide who will become the first team to score a goal during the match. It doesn’t matter if the team you have selected wins the game. The only thing that matters is if it scores earlier than its rival.

Are Prop Bets Profitable?

Proposition bets are popular among both newcomers and professional bettors. The reason is that they can bring real results.


The most essential thing to remember before placing such bets is to remember that there are two types of them: those that are placed for fun and those that require some skills. To place such bets professionally, a bettor has to understand the rules of a particular game, know how sportsmen in particular teams play and what results they show.


Yet, prop bets can be just a fun entertainment. If you choose who scores first, you don’t need to be aware of any rules or even know athletes’ names.

Long-term and Specific Bets

Prop bets are also divided into long-term and specific ones. The first type includes bets on the winner of the entire championship or get the MVP award. All this requires some skills.


Specific prop bets are placed on particular matches. For example, you can guess who will run first on one of the distances. Being such an easy and fast option this type attracts a great number of amateur bettors.

Bets on Player’s Performance

The most common prop bets are centered on a player’s performance. For example, the number of yards a NFL quarterback will throw in a match or the number of receptions a receive could have.


This also goes to MLB baseball with a pitcher’s number of strikes in a match or the number of points scored by an NBA basketball player during one of the college games.


Maybe, the most common prop bet is “which team will score first?”. This type offers odds on which team will score the first points of a particular sports event.