Which female jockey placed third in the Grand National?

If there’s one race that every man, woman and child, has heard of and enjoyed its the Grand National. On April 10th 2021 we will all once again get to cheer on our own selections as the (non virtual!) cream of the crop of horse racing go head to head for the top title in racing. It’s hard to deny that half of the battle in excelling at the Grand National is getting there in the first place.

Shockingly, until two years after the Sex Discrimination Act passed in the mid 70’s, female jockeys had never even competed in the Grand National. Following the change in law they had a good showing through the 80’s, and since 2000 the likes of Nina Carberry, Bryony Frost and Rachael Blackmore have all graced the race. The best placed female jockey however is none other than Katie Walsh, who placed an impressive third on Seabass in 2012. In the above Betway video, Walsh talks about female jockeys’ road to the Grand National and their trials and tribulations along the way.